International bank transfer 7 day delay; local currency transfer

Hello Revolut; I am waiting for two bank transfers to show up in my account via US; one was processed on the 6th of August and the other one was processed on the 8th of August.

I haven’t received the payments yet. I’m waiting for feedback from the support team since this morning. Anyway, are these transfers always going to be this slow? For the first transfer, 7 business days already passed.

Once the $ reach my account, would I be able to convert it to RON and the send it to a local RON account? Or do I need a RON IBAN for this? Who do I need to contact or talk with to facilitate this?

Thank you.

Well, I did a test. I sent some $ via another bank account that I own to this bank account that I have on Revolut. After a couple of hours, my bank calls me that this IBAN that I got doesn’t support USD. So that’s why all transactions have failed.

I also tried to integrate Slack, that’s failing too. With all of these bugs in the system, I do not think I’ll be able to trust Revolut to manage my business.

I have the same problem and am extremely uncomfortable with Revolut service now. Service desk is not helpful at all.

As an update; the transfer that I made had the wrong SWIFT code, which was automatically added by my bank (I couldn’t even change it); either way, my initial transfer (from the 8th of August) has still yet to show up. I’m confident that it failed, but now I need to ask the sender to make calls to their bank etc.

Not sure why these no EUR IBAN’s are failing to work.

Thank you for your message! I am really doubtful about Revolut’s credibility because delay always happens whenever I transfer my money…