Interest Vaults

Hello there!

I am really interested in the “savings vaults” feature but unfortunately it’s not available in Cyprus. Does anyone know if any other EU country has that service?


Hi @Covalent5 :wave:

Thank you so much for posting your query in the Community.

Savings Vaults in the EEA are only available to Polish customers at the moment in EUR and PLN.

Please, stay tuned if you are interested in this amazing feature :pray:

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Thank you. Really looking forward to that. :pray:t2:

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and transfer between vaults please


Hopefully 2023 will be the year :pray:t2:


Sorry, but what are the interests of the Vault for the crypto? It’s not clear with the mobile app.

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I asked about Interest in Europe…(I’m in Belgium). Support told me “we have not implemented that feature yet”.

Let’s be clear, in an environment of high and rising interest rates, for a bank not to pay interest is basically Theft and can only lead to withdrawals. At this present moment everyone is starting to compare bank interest rates and a good interest rate is a competitive advantage. For example:

Please bring in Interest payments on various currency vaults.

I’d be very interested in that feature since I’m keeping another bank account open somewhere else because they offer that but not Revolut.