Interest Rates on Vaults

Since the BOE raised the rates again will we be seeing an increase in the GBP savings vaults rate do you think?
Also the USD vault as the federal reserve rose it by 0.75 this week?

I have Tandem bank also at 1.67%. Fingers crossed that will rise

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No update yet. Tandem or barclays.
Should have been increased almost immediately IMHO.
When do mortgage payers start paying the increase? Is there a delay?

Well my Tandem Bank account has risen my interest rate to 1.85 now but Revolut still behind at 1.67 on their vault.
Will they catch up and benefit us all due to the BoE rising rates?

Well, in the EU Revolut still gives 0.00%.

omg that sucks! That doesn’t encourage people to deposit any amounts of money then does it?
UK 1.67 on GBP and 1.15 on USD

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I think most people use Revolut for traveling and shopping. Since you can top up instantly there is no real need deposit large sums.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to top up instantly. Always have to make a bank transfer.
Barclays do not allow it - Revolut wanted some kind of documentation from Barclays that does not exist!

Both Barclays and Revolut support Faster Payments, so while not instantly, transferring funds should be a matter of minutes. Barclays accounts can be linked as well (open banking), that might make transfers more convenient as well.

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ah perfect - now somehow it’s working! Before it was asking me to add my ccv each time and approve it. Struggled with it for weeks.

It’s their decision whether they want to be a travel card or a real bank.

I’m happy with how it works now. Fulfills all my requirements, like their app, functions, cards. Can’t complain