Interest rate to drop to 1.05%

Like title says interests are dropping across the world.
Savings vault interest dropped by 0.3%.

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Sucks. New best place is Marcus by Goldman Sachs (1.2% incl bonus rate that was available; idk if it’s still available now). Shame as that’s free and Revolut Metal/Premium is a paid product.

Would be great if you guys could look into why Paragon feels it’s acceptable to be worse than a free product @David, especially when the rest of Revolut’s premium features are literally useless right now (and that Revolut isn’t reimbursing any months of Metal/Premium to make up for the travel features being useless). It would also be great if you guys could look into a full travel insurance rather than just medical (as it’s not really possible to get sole travel insurance without the medical and then double claiming issues arise)


Is this in the US or in Europe? Would love to have savings account in US

What are the daily and monthly limits for paiement ?

Depends which payments you mean?:thinking:

I am a premium user, but I did not know that Revolut offered savings accounts. However it seems to be very limited for now