Interest on Revolut accounts in Europe

According to this article, Revolut will soon start to give up to 0,65% interest rates on all European accounts. Does anyone have more information to when this will happen?


Is that only for the plus plan?
Or also the free plan?

Hi. Never heard of it before

Only for the Plus plan and up

  • Standard users get a base rate of 0.15% APY on the money in your Savings Vaults but can earn up to 4.65% with savings bonus

Thanks for sharing, but those are the conditions for US accounts. They vary dramatically from conditions for UK accounts and most likely for EEA accounts, where savings accounts aren’t available yet.

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I see
We just wait and see for officiel response

I see 0% for free user

When you agree to open the revolut bank account from Lithuania its says:

It’s fair not to have interest rate in free plan.

0,3% for plus
Metal 0,65%

Not much

If free user was 0,1% i dont care too much about it

Paid daily, Is so little

I would guess that the interest on the average users’ balances wouldn’t even cover the monthly fee.

I would in addition guess that the interest still will be more than what an average user gets on a savings account with daily availability in many markets. Marcus in the UK currently pays 0.5% for example. A typical top rate for Germany would be 0.25%, similar in Scandinavia. Banks in countries with slightly worse ratings like Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal might offer higher interest rates but 0.65% is competitive in the current market.


My bank give me interest rate 0

This is not visible for me. Is this in Europe?

Right, you can access it by changing the country on the website.