interest not showing in GBP vaults

I’ve had money in a GBP vault since August 2020 and so far not a single penny of interest has appeared.

That’s hardly motiving! If you want me to put money in a vault then SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! :smiley:

Anyone else have a similar experience?

Have you tried messaging support?

I messaged them not long after making the deposits (also because there was little info on the site about rates) and they said “sure you are earning interest from day 1”. Well maybe but I didn’t see it then and still don’t see it now. Kind of depressing.

Where does it say that interest is earned in Revolut Vaults?

The standard vaults don’t earn interest, but in some markets, Revolut offers specific vaults that do. Currently UK and US only, as far as I know.

Oh really that’s interesting. Is it only available with paid accounts?

17 Nov 2020, 11:43 by

I think so, yes. Search the help centre for „savings vault“ for more details

Not available on free/standard accounts.

"Savings Vaults are currently only available in GBP, to customers whose sole tax residency is the UK. New currencies and countries are coming soon!

17 Nov 2020, 14:11 by