Integrate an easy way for CO₂ offsetting

Here’s a thought:

Revolut is a good travel companion. Whenever the system recognizes a plane ticket or car rental transaction, an option could show up on the transaction details screen to handily pay for CO₂ offsetting. In collaboration with a service like, for example. The process should be fully integrated into the app, offering an easy and convenient way to contribute.



This is a pretty cool idea but honestly, I wouldn’t be booking any flights on my Revolut card. It’d be on my credit card in case the company collapses.

But I agree they should add this regardless, in the form of like a marketplace add-on. They could also implement things like Flux so you could have these things added to your app!


Sorry to disagree, but I don’t need my foreign exchange company to complicate the issue.

As an individual, I am capable of making carbon dioxide offset arrangements, should I desire.

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It’s not complicating anything when you’re not using it. On the other hand, it’s making it more convenient if you want to.

It definitely is moral policing though

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