Int bank Transfera

Is it true that it takes 5 to 7 for Revolut to receive Int. bank transfers

Not necessarily. Int. SEPA transfer for example is faster.

So how long should a Sepa transfer take from E U account to yours??

Depending on bank holidays and weekends my experience has been between 2 calendar days and 5 calendar days using s SEPA transfer.

My experience is 2 days on average, sometimes up to 3.

In principle, from the 1st of january 2012, both domestic and cross border SEPA transfers may take 1 bank business day. But be aware of that the outgoing bank might have a “cut-off time”, the lastest moment a bank accepts payments to be executed the same day. Most banks don’t do transfers in real time but as batch bulk processing.

Also, a transfer to your Revolut account is not a “simple” SEPA transfer. The money is being transferred to Revoluts Barclays account and then allocated to your card via the reference code. This allocation might take some additional time.