insurance not in Metal

I just received an e-mail (Belgium) saying “upgrade to Metal” (from Premium) if you want Travel Insurance. When I browse Metal on my phone there is no Travel Insurance (only lounge delay…)???

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Hello @r1234 :wave: ,

Our Travel Insurance policy is provided as a benefit with Metal and Ultra plans. :hugs:

You don’t have to use your Revolut account to pay for the trip to be eligible for the coverage. :arrow_double_down:

Coverage requirements:

  • You must be a resident of the UK or the EEA (excluding Gibraltar and Switzerland).
  • Minimum 18 and no more than 75 years of age.
  • Your primary residence complies with the address of your Revolut account.
  • Your journey meets the definition of a trip.

Eligible children (including the stepchildren, foster children, adopted children or children currently in the adoption process) must be a maximum 17 years of age at the time of a travel. Children must travel with account holder. :arrow_double_down:

Spouse or cohabitant coverage requirements for Metal and Ultra customers:

  • A spouse by marriage, domestic partnership or civil union.
  • A cohabitant is a person you’ve lived with for at least 12 consecutive months and is at least 18 years of age
  • They must travel with the account holder.
  • Their primary residence complies with the country address of the Revolut account holder.
  • They’re travelling on a journey that meets the definition of a trip.

Check your insurance policy in-app, tap ‘Lifestyle’ in the bottom menu → ‘Insure’ → ‘travel insurance’ → select a type → ‘All documents’. :arrow_backward:

SG | Community Team

Hi, that’s good to know.

Since I’m still on Premium I can’t see the Documents for Metal. But if I browse the “Upgrade to Metal” zone this is what I see. No mention of Travel Insurance?

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Tap terms and conditions at the bottom, and insurance documents, for clarity.

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@r1234 is right in being sceptical. Insurance should be mentioned on the page that they shared. Here’s how it looks for me.

When in doubt, double check with support. The app might or might not show incomplete information.

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A different price plan though.

Yours shows €13,99 and the post above shows €15,99.

Assuming the Belgium one comes with the Ultra subscriptions (Tinder, WeWork, Nord etc) hence costing more? Can’t remember what countries got these benefit subs along with an increase.

The screenshot provided may also only show the services that are added on top of the Premium subscription, albeit not taken into consideration or updated soon enough to realise insurance is no longer provided on Premium, and now needs to be shown in the Metal upgrade.

The post also shows “upgrade” which my comment above may align, it’s just not reflecting new changes just yet, meaning upgrading to Metal from Premium should now show insurance available as part of that upgrade, given it’s no longer part of the current plan.

Yours shows a purchase of the Plan, not an upgrade essentially.

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Both screenshots show the Metal plans. Different prices, different regions, yes. You can head over to Revolut’s website, switch to Belgium and look at the plan comparison table. Metal should include insurance.

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I don’t think so, FX and lounges are included in Premium. It’s not an upgrade from there.

The advertising is contradictory.


@r1234 :wave: , Thank you for sharing the screenshot with us. I would request you to kindly contact the support team once for the clarification before upgrading it. :hugs:

Thanks for the help @Frank @Carl_1460. :star:

SG | Community Team

Thanks. I’ve just contacted support and they’ve confirmed Travel Insurance is still a part of the Metal plan. I might well upgrade then. Have a chat open - and still live - since the 6th SEPTEMBER (nearly a month) trying to figure out what a “WeWork Pass” is in detail. They’ve escalated it to management level but still no answer has come back!

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@r1234, It’s great to hear that you got the confirmation related to “Travel Insurance”. :star_struck:

I’m sorry that your issue related to “WeWork Pass” has not been resolved yet but I can assure that you will get your answer definitely as they have escalated the ticket. Please allow them some more time. :pray:

We have launched a feedback form regarding Revolut Community. You can also share your feedback here: Community User Experience Feedback :point_left:

SG | Community Team