Insurance deactivate?


I used the health insurance in February with winter sports including.
So if I travel then this insurance is always activated but I don’t want.
I can’t stop it. There is not any “cancel, delete or deactivate” option in the app.
Anybody else?


Hey @Nalatreb :slight_smile:

If you’re already travelling, you can cancel or modify the insurance coverage within the first 8 hours of your trip


No good!
If you haven’t internet you can’t modify anything.
This is shit. I want to deactivate it ASAP


Hey @Nalatreb :slight_smile:

If you don’t have internet, it doesn’t get activated either, so no problem at all :wink:

I’ll rephrase: you have 8 hours since the first time you connect to the internet during your trip, and you get a reminder of this on the moment of activating the insurance and also at the beginning of the trip :confused:


We can see, that you have an internet- you have written posts above :wink:


Do you have the daily pay insurance or the Premium annual free insurance, with winter sports added?


Yes it was daily insurance, and I sent a chat message to the support and they deleted.
So, I think so this service is not user friendly. If you have an insurance it will start always automatically. You need to check it, do not forget. If you don’t want it, you can stop it.
I think so it will be better inversely.


Important, before use it!
I got this message from the support:
The insurance activates itself automatically when you leave your home country. Lets say your trip consists of two destinations, one in Europe and second one in the USA. The way it works is that you cannot activate the insurance just for the USA as it is done automatically when you depart from your home country.

You can’t delete it after the activation, only the support team. You need to write a message.
I don’t advise without any manual deactivate option.


Hi Redi,
Seeing that this topic was brought up an year ago - was the deactivation process made more user friendly? I have a similar issue as the poster. Basically, I activated medical insurance for a trip outside of the EU, then returned home. A few weeks after I did a short trip withing the EU and apparently the pay-per-day insurance got activated automatically without any notification. I found out about this by chance checking at my Revolut balance.
Do users still need to remember about de-activating the Revolut insurance in the first hours of travelling abroad? And writing to CS for help? Seems lengthy and time consuming… Is there a way to de-activate medical insurance for good?


AFAIK nothing has changed if we are talking about turning on/off medical insurance.
The only way to deactivate this insurance (known by me) is to write them the message via in-app chat.