Insurance covers diving?



I´m new in this community and also new with revolut, I will practice scuba diving in my holidays just one day and I want to know if the insurance covers this activity, will be in southafrica.

Regards and thanks in advance.

Fran Gallegos


Have you read this? (this is in case of insurance offered with standard plan)

Scuba Diving To a maximum depth of 18 metres below sea level. No solo diving. If unqualified You must be accompanied by a qualified instructor or dive master. No commercial or professional or technical diving (such as cave or cavern, ice, enriched air, free, tutor or wreck diving).
Shark Diving In a cage only and under supervision of a qualified instructor or guide. Organised through a licensed operator.


A liitle bit off topic…
BTW. is your transaction completed or pending?


Sounds like a PADI open water description. Pretty useless for me.