Insufficient text contrast



I have just received an e-mail from Revolut about an update of the terms and conditions.

However, the text is very hard to read, as it is in light grey on a white background:

A contrast check confirms that this colour combination is not accessible at all, not even “WCAG 2 AA Compliant (18pt+)”.

In the future, would it be possible to pick more readable colours? As it stands, one might believe that Revolut does not want its users to read the new terms.

Actually, this also applies to some parts of the website, for example the menu, or the answers to FAQs (to a lesser extent).

Thank you.



In case it’s not clear because of the very small colour difference and the absence of underline, “A contrast check” is a link to a contrast calculator.



It’s the same thing with their FAQ section on the web! Terrible to read.



and parts of the app now that lack contrast



On mozilla firefox you can use addon NoSquint Plus which will easily change color of text on any given site (also can change background, size of text etc) just with a click of mouse button (need to enable 1 checkbox). Just tried on revolut’s website, works as expected. Those poor color choices can be replaced of any color of your liking. For example, black.

Just perfect!

p.s. I suggest using NoSquint Plus v56.1 !



It’s not good to use low-contrast or red/green text. Not only does it make everyone squint but even worse it’s not disability-friendly if you have a vision problem.

When using a typical Windows PC the easy workaround is to press ctrl/a which will select the entire page thus highlighting it into more readable white text on navy blue background.