Insufficient Funds?


Let’s say I want to make a payment of 100 EUR and I only have 50 EUR in my personal EUR account on Revolut and I also have 80 USD. Will it take the 50 EUR and then from the USD account or will it show insufficient funds since the value in the EUR account is less than 100 EUR (which is what I have to pay) ?


No, it won’t take any money. Transaction will be declined (insufficient funds)


I am asking because someone said that if you do not have money in the respective currency on your Revolut account it will take from the account with the highest value it in (if the account holds the sum that is required obviously)


It was described on this forum.
I.e. here:


The payment will be declined because 80 USD is not sufficient for a 100 EUR payment. Payments aren’t split between different wallets. So your example was misleading, because you explained it correctly in the next post. :wink: