Insufficient Funds to order my physical card

I’ve joined Revolut today and am trying to order my first physical card.

I’ve topped up £40 (43 Euros) and had my ID authorised, but when I try to order my physical card it says, “Insufficient Funds on Your Account. Please top-up your account and try again.”

Considering the card costs only 6 euros to be delivered I’m confused. What amount do I need to top-up to in order for a physical card to be ordered? Or is this a bug?

Spoke with support chat about this and they needed my top-up in a different currency - I’m not quite sure why, but I exchanged it to Euros (from GBP) and ordered the card.

Also, note that if you’ve ordered a virtual card, you don’t get a physical card for free, it’ll cost 6 euros plus another 6 euros for delivery (or 20 euros depending on the delivery option you choose).

Hey @lisab :slight_smile:

This shouldn’t be like this. This was discussed already on this forum. Get someone to check it :wink:

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Thanks, Julio. :slight_smile: It’s the default setting - if you order the virtual card first, you have to pay 6 euros (plus delivery) for the physical card. As I hadn’t known this, the customer service agent cancelled my virtual card and ordered my physical one so that I only had to pay the 6 euros delivery.

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Hey, @lisab

Perfect, I’m really glad :smiley:

Hi @lisab :slight_smile:

As I can see your base currency is EUR, therefore, you had to exchange from GBP to EUR so you could pay. :+1:

Hi @anon33247966, yes, for some reason it’s defaulted to Euros as my base currency. I have no idea why because my base currency (in reality) is GBP. Do you know how to change it?

Where are you based?

I travel, hence using Revolut! My bank account linked to Revolut is in GBP.

Your base currency is based on your home address and phone number used to setup your account.