Instant Transfer from PayPal to Revolut account

I tried today “Instant Credit” feature available on PayPal. It worked like a magic. The money was credited to my Revolut account within a couple of seconds through the Revoult card I added to my PayPal account. I don’t normally opt for instant transfer to avoid 1% transfer fee. But today I tired to see if it really works with Revolut. Yes it did. It’s an option in case of any urgent need of money.

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Hi!New to paypal and transfers to Rev,so can you please tell me if you payed any other fees?Was it the same currency?

Only 1% fee is to be paid. The transfer was from US PayPal to USD Revolut account.

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I found no way to make a transfer from Revolut to Paypal. Can’t seem to add Paypal as a beneficiary. They do have some new “bank” features which I tried but none got approved. Probably b/c my banks and credit cards are US-based whereas Revolut is not. It was frustrating as hell.

You need to add Revolut bank to PayPal wallet. Then you can use Revolut to pay anyone through PayPal