Instant top-ups via card does not work?

Just tried to top-up from my usual attached card. Got message somethinge like: Top-up is processing, we will inform you when its done.

On the other end (in my bank) transaction shows as done - processed/pending - deducted from balance.

Amount is nothing big - little bit more than 100eur.

WTF revolut… this never happened before.

Anyone experienced something like this?

Update: Nevermind. About 30mins later, amount did change in Revolut app.

Hi this is happening to me right now with my linked bank card that I have always used. I keep getting a message saying ‘verification source unknown’. It worked perfectly fine until yesterday. Can’t get a person on chat. Did your problem fix itself?

@Hilaryg33: Your issue seems to be different. I did not get same message as you.
Yes, my issue solved itself.
I did contact support though. They confirmed there was technical problem, which caused delays in top-ups to settle in.