Instant exchange value from crypto not available

Hello, since a few version updates, a usefull feature is not available anymore.
Until now, under the cryptocurency I was able to instantly see the amount of money i have if exchanged to FIAT. Now I only see the name of the crypto.
This is not possible anymore unless i simulate a full exchange.

I consider this a BUG, since noone on their right mind will cancel this tool.
This makes my trading very hard!

So Revolut, why and when will it be fixed?

Hey Adicrst.

Until someone sees this and decides if it is a bug or not i have a workaround for you.

In order to see an overview over your different currencies go to “Accounts” (the first tab) and tap the icon in the top left corner. The you will see a list and have a overview over your account balances :slight_smile:

Thank you for the post. However that’s not what i’ m looking for.
If i had an EUR account and i bought BTC, under the amount of BTC, i’ d see how much EUR that worths.
So i don’t need to see how much BTC i have, i need to see how much EUR i have if i exchange that BTC.

This was possible until 3 versions ago.

Here is an ex.
Under 0.3265 ETH i was able to see 420eur.
Now under 0.3265 i can see only ETH-Etherum

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Ahh sorry I misunderstood. It’s a known bug on Android. They are working on it I think (my understanding from another thread)

I see. Thank you, at least you gave me hope they are working on it.
When i talked to online support they said that they removed the feature. The answer seemed very wierd to me.

It works for me on iOS anyhow :slight_smile:

See value of secondary accounts in base currency It is a bug according to @AndreasK

thank you all for the replies !