Insecure card transportation and potential fraud risks


The card number and all the information (CVV, expiration date, etc.) are available in the app after you sign up. The plastic card is emailed to the customer using standard mail so there is risk of lose and theft.

If the customers wants to block the Revolut card while waiting for the plastic card (in order to protect from theft) they cannot do that because that might cancel the order as stated in the FAQ.

Even if it would not cancel the order it is a bad security practice to expect the users to know they should block the card after ordering the physical one.

How will you solve this serious security and money lose risk?

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Simple idea :just keep your Revolut account balance empty. Only make your first top-up once you have safely received the card. Since Revolut does not allow overdraft, the risk of being defrauded is then close to zero.


that’s fine for new accounts what about replacement cards?

how about shipping it blocked by default - you unlock it on arrival


Keeping the account empty does not always work. You may want to make online purchases or you were not aware of the fact that you should block it.

For example I did not know that the transportation is so insecure until I found the card laying in my mailbox. Please keep in mind that it’s not the customer’s responsibility to block the card.

Please do not get me wrong, I like what Revolut is doing and I hope that the service will get even better over time. I am just pointing out an issue.



Unlock your card on arrival is a great idea with a little 4 digits code in the enveloppe for instance. But we should have the ability to continue using the virtual card.


This is alarming! I was just about to order a replacement card, and did not realise that the new card would be immediately activated?!
What’s the purpose of the function under Card > Replace Card > I already have a Card then? It gives the option to link an existing Revolut card. I thought my old, blocked (lost) card would have remained the “current” card on the account until I linked the new card once it gets delivered.

Anyone have any experience?