INR transfer


I’m a British citizen as well as OCI (overseas citizen of India) with a business in India and the UK, I would like to transfer INR to my revolut account. Is this possible? It seems you can top up INR using bank transfer. What sort of charges/fees are involved? What’s the process? Is it as straightforward as simply topping up INR via bank transfer? Please let me know. Thanks!

If you want to top up by wired transfer you have to ask your bank about the fees. Revolut doesn’t charge you any feee.
Pleas double check if you are sending money to proper account number (check it i your revolut wallet in that particular currency)

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but they still haven’t apologized for doing this change without telling anyone

That’s quite unfortunate and a loss for Revolut considering so many businesses like myself could have used this service but understandable it’s Indian bureaucracy.

Guys, really sorry about this. As our twitter response says, this sad change was due to capital controls in India and of course, we apologise for this inconvenience. Unfortunately this was beyond our power & influence!

we understand you had to remove it, the problem was not communicating the change properly

Thank you Alejandro for your feedback. I’ve passed that on!

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Again, thank you for your feedback. We will take it onboard.