INR not supported - message


When I try to exchange GBP to INR in my Revolut account, I am getting told INR is not supported. Is anyone else in India having this problem? I have been exchanging and withdrawing successfully for several months now.


maybe because it’s weekend?


You can not prepurchase INR,it’s not supported to hold it .
Tough :r: will make exchange from your base currency at best possible rate,when you pay with your card :+1:


I don’t understand as I have been exchanging GBR to INR in my Revolut account for several months and then withdrawing from ATMs in India. When I go to exchange money now it will not work. Has something changed in the last couple of weeks? And does this mean I cannot withdraw at ATMs in India?


I haven’t seen any news,but i seen in app that INR is not available .
You still can withdraw funds,tough :r: will do exchange for you.
Remember there is % markup on weekends :+1:


I’m afraid we’re no longer able to support INR within the Revolut currency offering. The Indian Central Bank now restricts trading in INR and so this affects our ability to hedge our risk effectively. I understand this may be really frustrating for you as you’ve come to depend on Revolut for this purpose, but this is something out of our control.

However, it is still a supported spending/withdrawal currency.

Travelling to India

Shouldn’t such change be publicly announced so people has time to react instead of surprised at the last minute. It’s very unprofessional to remove services from the offering silently.


It’s a bit sad when the competition (Transferwise’s new card) supports this currency and much more :cold_sweat:


Revolut supports INR, you can still pay in INR and the conversion will be on the fly, but you are not legally allowed to store INR.

And it’s the same for TransferWise :slight_smile:


on transferwise you can have a balance in INR, I just created an “account” and converted a few USD back and forth


Then I am wrong :slight_smile: sorry !


But can I still withdraw INR at Indian cashmachines?


Yes,you still can withdraw cash at ATM👍


just be sure to avoid withdrawing or paying on weekends because as you can’t pre-exchange anymore it will always be on the fly from your base currency and you can have some nasty surprises with :r:'s weekend spread.


ABSOLUTELY !!! am in the same case. well you should even put that aside of the notification we get !


hi ,i have rupees still on my revolut account,can i still use these when i go next year or do i have to convert back to gbp account.thanks