INR India transfer to Revolut INR account


I’m living in the UK and I have. GBP and INR accounts with Revolut.

I wanted to know is it possible for my family/friends that are living in India to transfer INR in my revolut INR account? Is this possible with an Indian bank and will there be any issues with a name mismatch as the bank account in India will be in my family members name and not mine.

Thank you.

Yes, that is possible. You can find all supported currencies in the FAQs: Can a friend make a transfer to my Revolut account?

Thanks for the quick reply Frank.

I’m having abit of an issue, when I go to my INR account and select Top Up and then by Bank Transfer.

The top changes to GBP instead of INR, is this normal? It seems that I can only top up this account with GBP. I’m I able to give the international bank details to my friend in India so he can send me INR into this account.