INR conversion Indian rupee - getting low rate 81.5

Good day !
I saw a similar post in Travelling about India cards -

  • I had chosen no for the conversion
  • I chose an SBI ATM - which was not charging any fees for outside India cards ,

Still I am getting the low rate of 81.6 ( asked for 5000 INR , got debited by 61.3 GBP)

Can someone help out what I am doing wrong ? Other posts mentioned about changing to currency, I have always loaded in GBP and just requested the local currency - worked in HK , Srilanka and all .

What am I missing in India ?


Hi Jack
The rate on Revolut today is 86. 5000 would have cost around £58. We are just back from India. We watched the rate daily on Revolut and changed into rupees on good days. If you’ve found an ATM which is free to withdraw that’s great, we rarely did.
Happy travels