Initial Thoughts on Revolut Metal?


You don’t have to be Romanian resident. But you have to go to the bank in person. With a passport preferably (with national IDs is a bit more complicated )

The free ATM promo seems to be temporary but always extended. Heard about someone using the card for few years already.

Btw. Most Romanian banks open accounts even for non EEA residents as long as you deposit money. I have a Lebanese friend who opened an account last summer using a schengen tourist visa


Higher cashback in Europe would be nice.


Sure it would. But isn’t cashback based on what the “bank” earns per payment?

In Europe, the interchange fees are capped at max. 0.2% for consumer debit cards. So Revolut pays back 50% of what they are making with every payment.

In the US for example, interchange fees are about 10 times higher. So they are also paying back roughly 50%.

Also, consider how it is when you topped up your Revolut card with another card. Let’s say it is a credit card. The interchange fees are 0.3% here. So it’s possible that Revolut is already making a loss of 0.2% for every penny you spend with their card. (- 0.3% costs per top-up, + 0.2% income for payment, - 0.1% cashback)

I don’t see how higher cashback in Europe could be sustainable.


Yeah, but we can always dream.


For everyone interested, Idea Bank is charging commissions for transfers (top ups) to Revolut.


Is it, by chance, Business OR Gold card?


Sometimes if you top up via CC it shows you fees within the Revolut App, if its no Bussines Card talk to the support, they will add it as normal card in thier system


It’s a specific fee OR they take it in EUR so there’s an exchange ?

It happens the same with BCR in Romania and other banks.

Even if I top up in RON they will get it as EUR.

For top up I use only BT debit and BCR credit
And sometimes the Philippino debit card. And soon the Mexican one :joy:


Is this how you can afford to travel so much :joy: moving a lot and taking out credit in each country!

But nah I’m seriously curious, how does one travel so much and still afford to live!


Whats more in metal as in premium? Check the assurance. They are included.


the dream of my life…


I can’t have credit cards in other places. No one will give one as long as you’re not long time resident. On Mexico they don’t give you even a debit card if you’re not resident (unless you know someone working in the bank :laughing:)

Working online. Working offline. Saving. Moving forward. Promotional flights hunting. Miles miles miles. :joy:



God speed, my Romanian brother.


No specific fee. When you top up, they change RON to EUR and then back to RON.


Well that’s something different and not a fee or comission.

Many banks do this (BCR too for example, I think OTP as well). You have to contact them to fix this


I just tried to use the concierge for reservations and well its perfectly useless :
I asked for a nice cocktail bar in Paris, they proposed to me 4 options. So, I chose a bar and asked them to book it, the answer was the following : ** Unfortunately, on this occasion we would be unable to help you as we are unable to find an email address for the Solera Paris: Bar à Cocktail, and there is no-one in the office at the present time with sufficient language skills who would be able to communicate with the bar in French.** Seriously ??? and last time same problems of out of time, or sorry it’s weekends we can’t, or sorry all booked, … so what concierge is about ???
So why Revolut don’t add this as an option for Metal that you can pay more per month if you wish to get it ? or take 5 or 10 Euros more but give us something useful…


Be thankful you are not paying (proper) for the concierge service. I too found it useless and a waste of time !

I would be more interested to hear of any claims feedback on the medical, delayed baggage/flight insurance?


I would like to see more partnership offers!


I tried the Conceierge service at the start to try and look into a theatre ticket, they didn’t even come back with a reply and I haven’t tried them since - much quicker to just do if myself.

Agreed, definitely interested to hear other’s feedback on the insurance services