ING direct debit card gets 1% fees when toppin up


As said in the headline, my card, wich is a French gold Mastercard debit from ING direct, is charged with the 1% fees.
I was said in the chat it is recognised as a commercial card (it’s obviously not), but I don’t understand why…

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Same as me with my debit mastercard from Credit Agricole Bank. Suddenly since January 2018 revolut told me it’s a “commercial” debit card (this is not) and wants to charge fees (1,29%) for topin up !


Same here ! Not fair.


It would be great to have an answer from the team at least to understand why…


Finally revolut told me that my card is detected automatically as a « commercial » card by the app. If this is an error, they asked me to giv a « proof » from my bank that my card is personnal and not business!


How do we give this proof ?


Ask your bank for a document like official letter, telling that you have a personnal banking account linked to you debit card, wich is also personnal. That’s what i’ve asked for. i will receive it soon . I hope it will be enought as a proof


Keep me updated with how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:


Quick question please: I’m having the exact same trouble (gold MasterCard, debit card, from crédit agricole, linked to personal account and only personal use).
-> did you get confirmation from Revolut that the email from your bank worked?
And may I ask what wording did your bank use ?
Many thanks in advance,


I’ve just received the letter from my bank. It states that my debit card goldmastercard is linked to my personnal account number xxxx

Then i’ve contacted revolut support again. The guy ask for the scanned document, but also asked me to rewrite the text of the document in the chat window, then he ask for a screenshot of my online bank website showing my account number and proove I could access to it.
He will submit all these doc and my request to other revolut people and will come back to me with an answer…a good one I hope!


I hope it will be good news too, I look forward to hear the answer Revolut will give you !


Hi guys,

A friend of mine tried topping up with his ING card as well, and Revolut wanted to charge him 1.6% fees.
He got the same response from the support as you did: need proof that it’s not a commercial card.

ING France does not even allow professionals to open accounts and get a card with them. it makes no sense for Revolut to be asking that kind of proof.

On the other hand, my own bank does allow people to open professional accounts, but my card was never identified as “commercial” (which is fine, because it’s indeed my personal account)

Is Revolut seriously going to ask all ING clients to get a paper from the bank, confirming they are not commercial customers?

@AndreasK Your input on this would be appreciated :slight_smile:


If your card comes up as a debit card and it’s not you will need to contact our in-app support team and provide a bank confirmation that your card is a credit card.


The chat support requested proof that the card is not a commercial card.

Also, please take a look at this @AndreasK [FR] Frais bancaires pour rechargement compte Revolut ??

Looks like a similar issue: gold mastercard, considered as commercial card.
On a side note: I have a regular mastercard with the same bank as this guy, and I have no fees with Revolut.

@AndreasK Sorry to insist, but will all ING users (who all have gold mastercards) need to provide this proof?

Not trying to be a pain here, just it’s very likely you’ll have to deal with a very high amount of ING users (and apparently other banks) who have personal debit/credit cards and are somehow treated as commercial.

It would be a win-win if you could simply flag these bins as personal cards :slight_smile:


I have the same problem with ING. Someone got this letter from ING ?


Same problem here with ING Mastercard, anyone has any evolution on that matter?


That is odd, I had this problem at some point (some months ago) but, right now, ING does not charge me… And I’ve had the same card since 2016.


It’s not ING that charges but Revolut charges for topup


Is your card a commercial or a non EEA issued card?


Like in the first post, it’s personal EEA issued Mastercard…