ING direct debit card gets 1% fees when toppin up


Can you please contact our in-app support team and provide us with a confirmation of your bank stating that the card is not a commercial one?


Having the same issue with my debit Gold Mastercard issued by Credit Agricole.
I provided the prof to the support team that my card is a non commercial debit card.
They refund me the fees of my last transactions however they can’t change the behavior of the App: after each top-up I have to ask for a refund of the fees.
Completely painful.
I think I’ve found the root cause of this issue.
On I have to give the 7 first digits of my card to get to correct type.
With only 6 digits my card is recognized as a credit card.


Revolut support told me that they will update BIN database to resolve this issue permanently, however estimation on that resolution is not available.

At this moment, you have to provide a proof for each topup


I have a credit ING Gold Mastercard and a debit Banque Postale Visa classic (personnal cards) and I can top-up without fees.


Hello, I have topped up by a RON debit Mastercard personal card, issued in EEA, and the amounts taken from the bank account were 1.3% higher. The bank confirmed is not their fees, however the in-app support keeps saying is not Revolut that took the higher amounts, but the bank…

@AndreasK As this situation is pretty similar to others described by the community, I find it a bit hard to believe is the bank that took the higher amounts and I would expect the refund, considering debit card top-up is supposed to be free, right?


Hi there. Please request a confirmation from your bank stating that you card is not a commercial one and send it to our in-app support team.


Hi, I am having the same issue with my ING direct gold mastercard. I spoke to ING customer support, they don’t issue this kind of confirmation.

Any update on your side? Is Revolut solving the issue?


I did have this issue with my first ING card in France, then it was solved without me doing anything. But now, ING has issued a new card for me, and I’m having this problem again. I asked support and I could get a refund. They told me that they need to update some tables or something along those lines and then they won’t charge me any more. He couldn’t give me an ETA, though.


Guys, sounds like this problem has been fixed ! Since the last iOS update, Revolut doesn’t charge extra fees when I top up with my Gold Debit MasterCard !