Informing users about ongoing technical issues



This morning there was a technical issue affecting processing of payments, which affected transactions from ~0730 to ~0915 Central Europe Time. Not knowing that there were ongoing issues, I was one of those affected as I tried to do an important transaction at around 0900 which was declined.

It would be a much better experience for users if you inform them of any ongoing issues, as had I known about the ongoing issue I would have been able to handle the payment differently. As it was, i wasn’t informed that these issues were the cause of the problem until around 1130 CET.

Why aren’t users informed about issues impacting payments?

My railway service manages to do this reasonably well and by forewarning passengers about issues, it enables passengers to make alternative arrangements and better manage their own situation. As a side note, if UK railway services are managing to provide a better customer service model then that’s something in itself worth looking at.


For example, I just received an alert from Curve that their partners have some planned maintenance 10pm to 12am Sunday 25th and to carry a backup card during this period. That’s a good example of letting people know in advance and therefore reducing issues that may occur over this period.

Not communicating this and hoping that people don’t experience any issue during this probably quiet period would probably cause more issues and annoyance for users.

I recall reading that Curve and Revolut use the same payments processor. If so, I wonder if Revolut will also be affected over this same time period?