Inform whoever wants to join, have the necessary documents


I have an account with you for sometimes. My wife wanted to join you who holds Ukrainian Passport. She joined first and pay £5.00 for the card and another £5.00 in the account. Now for card activation, you say that 2 years UK visa is not sufficient although she has 3 UK bank accounts. You should let people know before they pay that money to join.
Right now I don’t feel good about this because I believe it is a wrong policy to let people pay first and say NO after you issuing the card to them.
total disappointment.


Hi there.

I’m really sorry to hear that.

However, this information is on our FAQs and you can find it in the app too.

How do I verify my identity?

Some UK users won’t need to verify their identity, as we’ll do it electronically behind the scenes. UK users should try and top-up their Revolut account with a debit card first. If we can’t verify your identity electronically, you will be prompted to do the following:

Go to the ‘More’ section of our app, tap ‘Profile’ and then ‘Verification & limits’. You will be need to take a photo of a valid government issued photo ID and a photo of your face. We may request a copy of your legal right to remain (e.g. visa, residence permit) if you provide a passport issued in a country outside of the European Union.

Some tips to ensure the ID verification goes smoothly:

Make sure to take a clear photo of your ID, where all details are visible
The photos should be taken somewhere brightly lit
Turn flash off to reduce glare on your ID documents
Make sure the details on your Revolut profile match the details on your legal document
Make sure that your legal document has at least 3 month validity left on it
Your identity will be verified automatically by our software within 15 minutes. If you are having difficulty or have any questions, please contact us via the in-app support.

If your passport was issued in a country outside of the European Union, you will also need to provide evidence of your right to remain via the in-app support. This can be a visa, a European passport or a residence permit. Please contact the in-app support for further details.

Regarding the cost of the card please reach me out via a direct message so that I can refund you.


Andreas K.


Thanks for the rapid reply.
how can I reach you via direct message?


My pleasure. I will do that for you.


thanks for that, would you give me any link that i can reach out directly?


I did that already. Please check your inbox here.