Info - Receiving USD from an Account in USD located in Ghana


Hello all,

I’m not sure if Revolut can do the job for me, this is my situation:

Resident in Ghana, need to receive my salary in USD from the bank of my Ghanaian Employer.

Can Revolut receive money from a Bank in Ghana?

Many thanks


Hi there,

Currently we provide our services to residents within the EEA, although we’re working on expanding to other countries. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Jessica S.


Hey there,

Is there any update on this?



I do have a similar question, but a different country. Can I receive USD from non-US country (SWIFT transfer), like Trinidad & Tobago? Ty my knowledge, such transfer is not possible in case of Transferwise and N26. How about Revolut?

Thank you.



You can receive USD on the pooled account. Just remember to have them add the reference code, so that the money can be assigned to your account.