Info for Bulgarians ( Информация за български потребители )


We use revolut with a lot of my colleagues here in bulgaria, mainly to exchange money between ourselves, but we have tested a few ATMs, POS terminals etc. and can confirm all of the findings so far.

We do have one bit of information for you @AndreasK.

One of my colleagues, after being rejected at a bank ATM (the “invalid card number error agian”) went in the bank itself to ask them some questions. They said that it was BORIKA’s fault - that’s a tech company powering a lot of the payment infrastructure here in Bulgaria. After that he send an email to them asking about it, and borika’s answer was that it was an issue with the “card issuer’s bank” e.g. revolut and they had some technical stuff that needed to be implemented.

It might well be that borkia is playing dumb and passing on the blame but you guys can at least try to contact their technical team and sort out the issues. Revolut is starting to get traction here (mainly due to the traveling youth) here in BG and the inability to use it in more than half of the places is really unfortunate.

Also, when are we going to have some Bulgarian Lev accounts?


Hi there,

I am also from Bulgaria and I really love Revolut. When I installed it for the first time I thought that this could be my primary bank account and I put big percent of my money there. After I used my Revolut card a while, I figured out that almost everywhere my transaction was declined and I was in awful situations because I trusted Revolut and I didn’t have money in cash.

I am writing here just to share my experience and push that post up, so that someone from Revolut team responds and fix that issue.

Have a nice day!


So probably those 3 banks DSK Bank, FiBank, Postbank/Eurobank/ does NOT use Borika as
Payment processor!


@revodrago Yes those are the exact banks that are not using Borica, I asked them. I think the developers from Revolut should write to Borica support and fix that issue together if they want Bulgarian users.


Another Bank that works with Revolut - United Bulgarian Bank. ! Yeah!


Hello all!

Thank you so much for bringing this issue to our attention. We are currently investigating and this is being treated as a priority.

We understand it’s important to resolve this as soon as possible for you guys, and we will keep you updated.

Really appreciate your patience!


Thank you @larysa.stachowicz


I have some good news - unicredit pos has started working! Not sure who has fixed what but things are definatly going in the right direction!


im realllllly glad to hear that, i will def. try it.


i confirm, Unicredit Bulbank is now working fine


what about the other terminals that were not working? Can someone from Revolut confirm that the cards now works everywhere (chip + contactless) ? Or I’m being too excited? :slight_smile:


we can check that ourselves :slight_smile: i know i will


Allianz bank also work. I think that if they work, everything should work :grinning: Great job @revolut


Wow, we should get together and have a drink!


Hey guys!

Looks like we have managed to resolved this issue :slight_smile:

Keep up posted if you’re experiencing any issues.

Once again, apologies and thank you for your patience!


Hey Andreas, unfortunately you haven’t resolved this issue. At all in my view.

I got a Visa contactless 2-3 weeks ago. Since then - haven’t been able to withdraw ANYWHERE (I’m currently in Bulgaria). Haven’t been able to pay anywhere either. I have been talking to customer support for the past 2 weeks and they kept telling me that the card is active.

Tonight they promised to send me a new one. They wanted however for me to send them a photo of the ATM saying its not working. I went to a different ATM (#6 in the overall count of different banks I tried) and it worked this time :open_mouth: . Then I went to the usual other ATMs (thinking they fixed it and it is working now) and again… it was not working on the others. All of the 6 ATMs are Visa approved operators present on the Visa website (which Revolut sent me btw).

I tell them this and they refuse to replace the card saying - we can’t guarantee for you to be able to withdraw in all the ATMs…Is this serious?!? This is a VISA CARD and I AM TRYING TO WITHDRAW AT VISA ATMs. Why isn’t this working and why are they telling me this is normal ???


i have to say that i had the same problems with my visa card issued during the beta testing program


In which country was that?


Hey guys. Could you please let me know if your Revolut cards work in Bulgaria?


Last time i checked my card worked perfectly. It was less then two days ago. Never had any problems except last year summer when i started this post. I have to say my card is Mastercard, if that is useful information…