Info for Bulgarians ( Информация за български потребители )


So, im active bulgarian fan of Revolut, and since im using it everyday, i will share my experience with you, but its most likely to be usefull if you are bulgarian :slight_smile:

И така, като голям фен на Револют, използвайки го всеки ден, ще ви споделям какво научавам в движение, може би тази информация ще ви се стори полезна:

Плащания на пос терминал:
Пос терминали на Societe General Expressbank / СИБАНК / Райфайзен / ЦКБ дават съобщение “Invalid card number”.

Пос терминили, на които плащам без проблем: DSK Bank, FiBank, Postbank, ОББ

Предстои във времето да пробвам и на други и ще допълвам темата.

Pos of SG Expressbank / SIBANK / Raiffeisen bank / CCBANK doesnt accept the card, POS by DSK Bank & FiBank & Postbank & United Bulgarian Bank is OK.

Засега не съм теглил от това, което съм си заредил в акаунта, но ще опитам и ще пиша дали е минало безпроблемно. Предварително научих, че не може от всеки банкомат, а трябва да използвам само тези отбелязани в приложението на mastercard nearby или посочените в списъка тук:

I suggest all who want to withdraw money to use only ATMs on this list:
And by suggest i mean: you wont be able to do it on any other.

Updated 17.08.2017


Last night i checked if i can pay with pos terminal by FiBank, it worked :slight_smile:

**Работи и с пос устройства на Първа инвестиционна банка.


СИБАНК също не приема картата.
SIBANK doesnt accept the card either…


Postbank accepts Revolut Card
Пощенска банка приема картата! :slight_smile:


And why it’s not working on the POSes of so many banks? This is only with the new Wirecard cards. The old cards (the Paysafe ones) used to work on all POS devices. Why is that and when is Revolut going to fix this?


Revolut’s support doesn’t look at this as an issue to be fixed at all. They said: only on mastercard locations and thats it. It really sucks…


Well, my old regular Revolut card is also a MasterCard one and it works everywhere. They only have issue with the new Wirecard cards.


if someone from Revolut’s team may confirm? @AndreasK ?


Well, I had one ATM from that list, that didn’t work. In Plovdiv, Raycho Daskalov, Sibank.

But this suxx. @AndreasK, will the Wirecard issue be fixed?


@wasp , it wont work because in my list exactly this is written, that it wont. :slight_smile:


2 months ago i used this ATM without charges.




@revodrago, This ATM was in the Mastercard’s list …


looks like this list is not up to date then…


What’s the error message?


Which list are you referring to?


Mastercard’s official ATMs list from their site - with the map and all.


Raiffeisen bank doesnt accept the card either. ( POS )


The biggest issue for me is not really ATMs, but that more than half of the locations don’t accept the card for a simple payment.

My find:

  • if the location supports contactless, it mostly works ( 9 of 10 times ).

  • if the location supports only chip and pin, it mostly don’t work ( 9 of 10 times ).

  • online locations (in Bulgaria) are the same as contactless, even worse - I haven’t found a single one that works.
    What I also found:

  • If I make a virtual card within Revolut, at least it works with all Bulgarian online locations …

So, my next question, Revolut :slight_smile: is it possible to create a card out of my virtual card. Because, I assume it’s created from the old type of cards, that were working everywhere.

Or you’re planning to fix that very annoying issue ?


yeah, its not really atm problem, its paying on pos the real problem for me too.

So right now, 7 banks tested, dsk bank / postbank (eurobank ) / fibank are the only three my premium revolut card works with…


CCBANK doesn accept the card either.