Been trying the revolut card in Indonesia for the first time and want to give some tip.

Use card on bri card reader when buying in store, less problem with those.

Atm withdrawals works not at all with Mayland, try CIMB instead.

Hope this helps someone.

Were the CIMB ATM’s free to use?

It was free except for revolut fee above 200euro. So cimb is best. I think it was either bri or bni that took a fee for me.

Bank BCA ATM are everywhere. No charge. Usually find one in Alfamart or Indomart stores.

heya. do you know how to top up revolut in Indonesia?

Most of the ATM are working. BCA has many atm, with 2.5 Million Rupiah withdrawal per transaction, other ATM most of the time only 2 Mio.

Good to know, if you have to withdraw a bigger amount.

Impossible. Just top up the normal way, with bank transfer or CC

You know if my revolut card will be accepted from hotels or restaurants in Indonesia?have you tried it? How much is the fee for these payments?

I used my revolut in restaurants everywhere in Indonesia, from Sumatra to east Java (Yogyakarta).

So Restaurants shouldn’t be a problem.

The same with Hotels, I think I used Revolut of one or two of some of the hotels I was on, the rest I used my normal card. Mostly because I forgot to move money to revolut and was stressed. Those times I used them on the hotels worked.

My Revolut card worked perfectly in Indonesia, both for payments and withdrawals. I had very good exchanges but the fees depend on the hotels. Some charge, some do not.

They work, but sometimes the staff members are not very well trained and this can be a problem.

Last week, at Grand Mercure Jakarta. Declined on the POS, but normal charge of my card. After this, the supervisor of the hotel tried it again and it went well. He said, the staff pressed the wrong buttons. The refund, of the money 24h later.

What fees? Just tell them, charge in Rupiah only.

These are the fees that many hotels charge for payments with a credit card. it has nothing to do with Revolut. This is often 2 or 2.5% of the hotel bill.

What hotels are this? Never happened to me in Indonesia.

Better, don’t stay in this hotels anymore

My Revolut Card is not accepted on AirAsia website. Do you know why ? I have enough money on my card.

Many thanks for your help!

Mine isn’t accepted either… Did you manage to use it? :confused:

Hello Everybody
This is my first post here. I am going to visit and sightsee the Indonesia. Would you recommend me to pay with my local currency PLN with Revolut or to change the money into Euro or USD beforehand?
Is straight charging in Indonesian Rupiah with just PLN account is the best way?
This applies from Monday till Friday and on weekends is it worth to pay with cash from ATM - cash machines or to change PLN -EUR-IDR in currency exchanges?
I guess Revolut mark-up for weekends transactions is still viable, isn’t it?