Indonesia/Bali - payment with Revolut card in IDR

Hello :slight_smile: I was wondering how it goes with payment in Indonesia, where you cannot buy IDR in Revolut app. Is it possible to use Revolut still, but only keeping e.g. USD on account?

Also heard about common card skimming on Bali, is it enough to use GPS security on card, or is it better to enable/disable ATM withdrawals everytime I want to withdraw money? Additionally, in restaurants/everywhere you can pay by card, use virtual one?

Thanks in advance!


You can use your card in Indonesia, and the conversion happens real time, you’re just unable to store the currency on your card for later use.

You can freeze/turn off ATM withdrawals any time in the app for your security, and if paying by Google or Apple Pay then your real card number is never given to the merchant for additional security.


Using preferably/mostly digital wallet (Google/Apple Pay) would be my go to avoid skimmers, would also recommend disabling non presential (on-line) transactions with your card, contactless (of the card) and the use of MagStripe.

So only “chip+PIN” transactions can be made.

A lot of skimmers I saw basically extract your physical card number and uses it to buy something on-line.

That’s why I use Apple Pay for everything since it doesn’t use the card number, instead is a single use token.
But depending of the value the terminal may not accept higher values by contactless, happens to my mother 2 days ago when buying a new TV, she wasn’t with her card and luckily I was with her and have one card on my phone case for emergencies, because I also only use Apple Pay for everything.


Wow! Lots of information. I hope this will give you a fair idea regarding what to do and what not to do @Bonniu. Along with that, I would like to share a few FAQ links for knowledge purposes: Paying with Revolut while travelling & ATM withdrawals and withdrawal fees while travelling :arrow_backward: Please change your country before checking the links for accurate information.

Thank you so much guys for giving a reality check @Carl_1460 @Eudes. :star:

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