Indian ATM and Revolut Problems

I am travelling India for six weeks and am relying on my revolut card to withdraw money from ATMs however this has not been very successful at all. Over 5 times I have tried to withdraw money and been told by the ATM that this transaction has been declined or unavailable but when I looked on my revolut app the transaction was completed and I’ve now lost over 10k rupee because of it. Can anyone advise me on how to get my money back as I can’t afford to loose this amount of money.

Are these operations in"pending" status?
If yes- it should’ve been reverted (usually- within one week), if not- only official complaint.

If the transaction is “pending” it will be automatically reversed within 1 week.
If it is completed you will need to contact live support, fill a chargeback form and request to speak to a representative from the chargeback tram to have the dispute raised.
The process is quite slow and tedious as you’ll notice if you browse these forums for related issues.

Just a few pieces of advice:

  • Use SBI’s ATMs whenever possible - no fees
  • make sure you have swipe payments on

I have tried with both Revolut MasterCard and Visa, and no problems with SBI.
In one case Mastercard tried to do DCC, but Visa was OK (at the same machine)

Be careful when paying at shops - sometimes the DCC is done even when you choose no-DCC - I’m currently challenging one transaction with the card organization because I was charged in EUR instead of INR even though I chose no currency conversion.

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Yes all the transactions do now say completed. How do I initiate speaking to live support?

Type: Live agent