[India] ATM Surcharge on Revolut cards


Hey everyone,

I just came back from India and was very disappointed with the cost of using Revolut card to withdraw cash from an ATM. I tried four different machines, and each wanted to apply an additional surcharge of 200 - 250 INR to the transaction.

What is surprising - there was no surcharge when I tried withdrawal with conversion by ATM’s bank (but the rates were terrible). Also, there was no surcharge when I tried using another card I have.

So, anybody found an ATM in India which doesn’t charge for withdrawals from Revolut?



This was probably fees from the bank ATM, not from :r:



ATMs from SBI were free for me, at least beginning of 2018.



Yes, I know - this is exactly what I’m asking about.
Revolut card was recognised as “foreign” and thus a surcharge was applied.
My other, non-Indian card however, had no surcharges applied. So I’m curious as to how it works.

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ATMs sometimes distinguish between card types and charge only Mastercard and not Visa or the other way round. Which brands are your two cards?

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Try HSBC ATM’s next time?

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SBI (State Bank of India) and BOB (Bank of Baroda) are free.

You can find more here (https://www.tourdumondiste.com/argent-carte-visa-master-card-tour-du-monde) , it’s in french, but just go to the last sheet and find India.

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Bank of Baroda were free to use on my Revolut Card for me when I was recently there. No surcharge.

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That might be the case. Revolut is MasterCard, the other one is VISA…