increasing top up limit


I have submitted my last 3 months payslips and a picture of a page of my bank statement showing the salary being paid in and some of the revolut top ups. I did ask if I had to submit the whole bank statement (around 15pages with mostly random transactions unrelated to salary/revolut top ups) but have not been told if what i submitted was enough or not. Is that enough? It says it would have taken up to 24hours but it’s still processing after 24hrs. How long does it actually take? I am 50% of my annual limit but I may need to do a few top ups later this month that would take me above the limit, so I rather get it increased now.

Hey @goodge :slight_smile:

It might take a few days. If you can´t get answers through the in-app support, you can ask :r: to speed things up for you through Twitter, although the time elapsed is normal and there’s probably no need to worry :wink:

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It has been 11days and my documents are still under review, nobody replies in the support chat?