Increasing Top up Limit (Support hangs up !! :( ) SOLVED


I am trying to increase my top ups limit from my GBP account, by default it is 30k, because I am receiving my payslips in this account so I got in touch to support and they told me to provide them a document with the source of founds, then I did it. After that I was told to wait because the team who deals with the verification is going to get in touch with me…two days after I didn’t get any answer either from the support peep I was in touch with either from the verification team. Now I am trying to get in touch with someone from Support to clarify the status of the verification process and I don’t get answer at all.

Could someone help me?

Also I wanted to know if I will need to provide the my payslips every month to avoid exceeding the topup limit or it will be enough doing it for few month. could anyone answer me that please?


Hi Garri
Have a look at my response! It’s such a shame that Revolut have become so unreachable. I was going to upgrade to premium but apparently support is just as long winded!


I became premium few weeks ago, and honestly I don’t feel like having any advantage in the way a interact with the Support Team :frowning:, I hope things become better soon because honestly I do love how to work with my bank in Revolut but with so many small issues and not being able to get in touch with Support it becomes quite frustrating


Click on my username and you will see a discussion there unless my comments have been hidden by revolut!


I have just uploaded my last three pay slips and got my limit increased within five minutes.


After 3 days without any Support replaying, I got one dude who was very helpful and I got my salary increased too. But in my case I had to send him a payslip and the my contract agreement.

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