Increasing the limit of alerts notifications for trading and stock prices

Please, let us have more alerts notifications for stock prices. The current limit is 100 alerts for everything including Stocks, FIAT Currencies, Crypto, etc.

I’m not even asking for unlimited alarms as Yahoo Finance! and most portfolio management tools out there offer. Maaybee there is indeed a positive point in having a limit, too, to encourage users to be more conscious and not freely cluttering every price movement with a ping :exploding_head:

Though, It would be super useful if at least Revolut could offer a little increase in the alerts limit so we don’t constantly get the limit message of 100 alerts. Consider that this maximum is very easy to reach for controlling a standard to medium size portfolio.

At least rising the limit to 300 alarms for stock share prices. Which, I feel shouldn’t be such a challenge for Revolut to offer, while it would improve the “quality of life” for portfolio management on the app by a far lot. :slight_smile:

Hope you can consider this request. And thanks to the Revolut team for the constant improvements in the portfolio tracker and stock exchange sections. Those are really appreciated!


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