Increasing limit - verification of documents - no response


So, I have uploaded, on 12th of March a documents in order to increase my top up limit. Unfortunately until now I have no response from Revolut. What is more the support is not responding mu messages, first send on 17th of March, second Yesterday. Revolut promises that verification would not take more that 24 hours, but now it even over 240 hours. Has anybody had the same problem? Any ideas how to solve it?


Have you tried to speak to agent in support chat?
In order to get thru , type : Live agent and you should be redirected.
If it doesn’t work you can use twitter to speed things up.
Alternatively contact @AndreasK he can help in anything :slight_smile:


Yes I have this problem and it greatly concerns me that you’ve been waiting since March 12th with no responses at all.

Come on Revolut, this isn’t right.


So I’ve tried to type ‘live agent’ but I have no response, so @AndreasK can You help?


I wish I knew. I’m in same situation. I uploaded documents on March 14th and keep checking in with an agent who tells me it’s been passed on to the “relevant team” and then nothing happens.

Finances and the ability for people to move money efficiently and effectively is not a joke. It’s an important part of life. Revolut customer service has a BIG problem and it isn’t just a scale issue. It’s a complete lack of accountability.

There can’t only be 1 person, @AndreasK, in the whole organization who has any accountability, God bless him.

Your live agents need to be empowered to CALL customers and solve problems quickly!!!

I still have not gotten a limit increase and my account is basically useless until Revolut decides to do anything about it.


You have to keep bugging them. Going to share my experience also (no better than PayPal’s dreaded support.)


Hi there. Massive apologies for the delay. We’re receiving an unusual volume of requests which is causing delays.

However, I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.


Same issue: No answers from APP help at all in 10 days, not even Rita! Where are sailing through the peak of the BGP in exchange rate with no chance to top up!
Also, I now see that there is no way to contact you anywhere, just the app help, perhaps not the best hands to place another 30K£ on. I’m loosing trust on your system.
Thanks for the help.
PS: (If we are facing the limit issue is because we are good customers…)