Increase ATM limits


Is it possible to increase the ATM limits, even beyond the premium limit?

I would like to replace my Italian bank account but this limit would be a problem.



Which limit is causing you a problem - the daily withdrawal limit, or the monthly fee-free allowance?


in either case the only possible increase comes from upgrading to a premium account


Mostly the Monthly allowance, even in the premium account


Ah, I can’t see that increasing much - the FX costs Revolut money, and I see no reason they should swallow more of that cost. Even when you do pass the fee-free monthly allowance, it’s still pretty cheap compared with other options, isn’t it?


Although, it is annoying that that fee applies to base currency withdrawals, as well as FX ones.


I think @sp1 is talking solely about ATM fee free allowance, not FX limits


Sure. That’s what I meant - that it’s annoying that the ATM fees apply to everything over the allowance, not just foreign currency withdrawals. It came as a bit of a surprise to me that I am charged for withdrawing GBP in the UK from my GBP-denominated account.


I think that Revolut could take a look at how Monzo is handling ATM withdrawals:

~ no fee for withdrawing GBP ( so in Revolut’s case free withdrawals in your home currency ),

~ first 200 GBP overseas withdrawal in foreign currency free every month,

~ anything above 200 GBP withdrawn overseas in foreign currency charged at 3% fee.

Of course I prefer Starling’s model without any ATM fees at home and abroad (just great!) but the middle ground between current Revolut’s model and Starling’s, would not be bad either. Some users in cash heavy countries might definitely need more than what is fee free at present.