Increase ATM limits

Is it possible to increase the ATM limits, even beyond the premium limit?

I would like to replace my Italian bank account but this limit would be a problem.


Which limit is causing you a problem - the daily withdrawal limit, or the monthly fee-free allowance?

in either case the only possible increase comes from upgrading to a premium account

Mostly the Monthly allowance, even in the premium account

Ah, I can’t see that increasing much - the FX costs Revolut money, and I see no reason they should swallow more of that cost. Even when you do pass the fee-free monthly allowance, it’s still pretty cheap compared with other options, isn’t it?


Although, it is annoying that that fee applies to base currency withdrawals, as well as FX ones.

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I think @sp1 is talking solely about ATM fee free allowance, not FX limits

Sure. That’s what I meant - that it’s annoying that the ATM fees apply to everything over the allowance, not just foreign currency withdrawals. It came as a bit of a surprise to me that I am charged for withdrawing GBP in the UK from my GBP-denominated account.