Incorrect premium contract start date displayed in app


The Revolut app displays an incorrect start date for me - it states my yearly contract begins on September 25th when really it is much earlier in the year than that.
I believe this happened on the date that I changed my registered country with Revolut - it appears that the date has reset to that day of notification.
It caused me to go overdrawn, and although I noticed it the same day and topped up to cover it, I didn’t actually get a notification to indicate this had happened.

My other half is also a Revolut user and has also just changed registered country - and exactly the same thing has happened here to.

Not a major problem, but it does mean that we’re now unsure when the subscription charge will be applied.


I had the same problem as my premium subscription date renewal inaccurately shows from the time of the activation of my medical expenses policy, not the actual renewal date.

I contacted support who promised me a technical fix but zilch has happened so far.