incorrect information about the annual limit / withdrawals from an ATM


We have a new month and a new year. On January 1, 2017, the app was showing the same annual limit all the time, even though this limit should stay as it should be

The first problem was solved by escalation because support:

  1. the first agent did not know what the billing periods look like
  2. the other agent claimed that unless I was wrongly charged the commission, the problem does not exist

Secondly, in December 2017, I used the entire free cash withdrawal limit from an ATM. We have a new month and the app still shows that the limit has been used.

I am still waiting for my application to correctly indicate the withdrawal limit from the ATM.

Please, do not make me log out and log in again. I split it five times.

Support is not helpful, instead of solving problems, it masks them.



Hey @M4R10 :slight_smile:

Please consider this. When did you join :r:? :wink:


I joined before before 16 March 2017 and I still see incorrect atm withdrawal limit.


I just checked mine and the withdrawal limit is back to zero.


In Polish - last one option.