Incorrect balance shows before PIN page comes up


If I have the Revolut app open but minimised on my phone, and subsequently open it, it flashes up my balance for a second or so before putting up the log in screen again. The problem is the balance is not my correct current balance but whatever it was when I last looked at the app. I now know this but previously it has lead to confusion because I have tried to make purchases unsuccessfully because I thought this was my correct balance.


@houmous Could you please let me know whether you are on the latest version and what phone you are using and on what operating system?



Using version 3.0 of Revolut. Oneplus one phone Android version 6.0.1
Cyanogenmod 13.0 OS.




that’s typical behaviour of the app or OS caching the app look for Recents.
Android 6 did some improvement security wise where some apps will hide their content in Recents, but Revolut still caches it (and well, since i use that all the time to enter my card number)