Incorrect balance on PDF output


Hi all,
I like to keep monthly PDF statements of my Revolut account. I noticed today that the monthly statements for March and April 2018 are incorrect - on 31st March, the balance was showing incorrect. See the attached screenshot for a (redacted) display.
The balance is showing as correct on the App itself.
Does anyone have an idea?

PS - It looks like the balance order has been flipped, i.e. the transactions are shown in the correct order, but the balance from 31st April onwards is displayed “upside down”!

Edit - Revolut App version is 4.19 on Android 6.0.1.


I can confirm that. Statements seem to be in quite a messed up state.


Revolut have confirmed that this is a bug in 4.19.0 of the App, and will be fixed in a future Release. I will post again when this has been fixed.


Where have they confirmed that?


In my Profile Chat - I do wish they would publish it somewhere online though.


At least you get a statement. Whenever i export one on my phone, the exported file gets a zero size…


4.20 seems to still be bugged - with the added feature that I am now getting April items in my March statement.