Inconsistent Android Pay fees


Topped up £10 with a credit card via Android Pay (in the UK) and no fee was charged. Topped up £500 by same method and same card six days later and was charged a 1% fee. Why the difference?


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There’s 1% fee per top up with Credit Card. However, some times Android Pay treats a credit card as a debit card.


Can you elaborate on “sometimes” please? Is it random or does it depend on
the amount? I was using the same CC both times.


The issue is, Android Pay use their own database to check if a card is debit or credit. We are not able to override their decision in this subject. The fee is for topping up via Revolut, however the charge is carried out by Android Pay based on their assessment of the bank card added to the app, as per our agreement with Android Pay.

If you do not want to pay this fee, please add the card to Revolut directly (then we will be able to investigate and possibly make amendments if the card is read incorrectly) or please contact Android Pay so that they can revise their database accordingly.