Inconsistencies in Personal Budget Section

I use budget planning a lot, but there are 2 problems with direct debit forecasting.
1- Direct debit payments without any fixed frequency or price are forecasted with the latest one, and there is no way to edit this. Let me give you an example: I’ve set up my energy & gas bills with direct debit, and the provider company does not use it with a regular period, sometimes 1 bill in 3 weeks, sometimes weekly smaller payments… For this month, I’ve a payment of 210 pounds for the first week and there will be no more; however, Revolut thinks this is a regular one, and while showing my budget, it thinks that I’m going to pay 210 * 4 =840 pounds just for this month. Because of that, the daily budget function shows wrong information and is useless for whole month.

2- When there is a direct debit payment for “today,” until the payment is done, the daily budget calculator thinks that there is no payment, and the daily budget shows the wrong information again. Especially if the payment happens in the afternoon, I don’t know my daily cap through the morning.

I think it is great that Revolut provides a solid daily budget planner, but with these bugs (especially the first one), it looks like a poorly built product.


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