Incompentence - or intentional non-service?


  1. I sent funds from MY Revolut account, 612£, from supposed “my” UK Revolut account with my UK GB account number.

  2. Revolut sent the funds to the recipient, but not from my Revolut account, but from their pooled omnibus account at Barclays Bank, London, with AC number 73152596.

  3. Because the funds did leave from “my” account but from Revolut omnibus account, the funds could not be accepted by the recipient and were returned.
    => Any “normal” financial institution would take 2-3 works days to re-credit the funds to the originator’s account - except Revolut.
    For weeks, Revolut is withholding the funds, bolstering up their own finances.
    I suspect they do that with all transfers that do wrong, some way or another.
    With ANY other financial institution, this scenario would be no problem.

  4. The company who was supposed to be receiving the funds and returned them to Revolut’s Omnibus account even contacted Revolut and then sent an email to me, giving full particulars (see jpg attached). That was early June 2018. We are now mid July 2018!

“Dear Sir, This email is regarding your previous money transfer to DEGIRO using Revolut.
These funds had been received from an account 200353-73152596 which appears to be an omnibus holding account used by Revolut. After establishing a communication with Revolut, it was determined that payments returned to this holding account could then be matched back to your individual account and that we could proceed with the transfer to the general account.
This payment has been returned on 07/06/2018. If it has not yet been received on your account, it is likely still in the holding account of Revolut. In order to help with retrieving this refund, please find attached the SWIFT message for this transfer which shows the account and payment details as well as reference codes. This should be sufficient to trace the payment back to you.”

  1. I have done ALL the work here, I have forwarded the swift transfer slip - which I now attach here in public - to Revolut. I have been patient, polite and co-operative for weeks. I never yelled at them, even though they do deserve it.

  2. Response of in-app “non” support: Please be patient - Please be patient - Please be patient.
    After weeks of being “patient” - my patience has run out.

Either this Company is highly incompetent, or the purpose of this fiasco is intentional, helping them to bolster their loss-making business and fill up their own financial holes. I let the individual reader draw its own conclusions.

  1. Where can users file complaints? Tons of places - and yes, complaints can stir up a lot of heat if sent to the right places. PM me for the list.

It takes a shitload of savings in currency conversion to make up for this type of hassle - don’t even ask about the value of my time and nerves.

PS I have deleted my name (the green part) from the transfer slip, but Revolut clearly knows it’s my money from the wire reference numbers.


Even if it’s clearly indicated that Degiro refuses transfer from :r:, Revolut should be more proactive about your case. 1 month is clearly too much.

Did you try to reach them on Facebook or Twitter?

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I have tried so much, Facebook = pointing me to in-app support, Twitter = No answer.
In-app support: Wait time of many hours which we all know is a problem. Still, I was always polite, only 1 or 2 contacts per week so as not to stress them too much, and each time they “promise to look into it” and then “please be patient”, and “reply in a few days”.

But that’s all there is: sweet promises and no results.
And I am not the only one out there with these type of problems.

If this happens with a “normal” high street bank, the situation is resolved much much faster.
As a matter of fact, it requires no involvement of the account holder whatsoever.
I know that because I worked in the banking sector before I retired.


Perhaps try sending an official letter directly to :r: with the Digero documents and a description of the situation…

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You see, Ozone, this is how Revolut works. 8 days passed. None of the above (Andreas, Jessica, George, Olga, Rafael, Vlad) replied - they do not care. They are too busy trying to get more investors into their scheme.
It is a full 6 weeks now that the funds are on their Barclays Account at Baker Street in London.
In-app - after 6 weeks and weekly “relaunching” of the issue - is always the same “our transfer processors are still looking at the issue”.
What don’t they simply write back with “SORRY MATE, BUT WE HAVE DECIDED TO KEEP YOUR MONEY”. At least that would be an honest and straightforward reply.


Yes it’s a mess. What a pity. -.-

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I have that same problem. I make transfer to wrong wallet (in PLN insteed EURO). I don’t know what happend with my money form week…

UPDATE - funds have been credited just now (25th July).
Pity really I had to go through this ordeal, it has been 6 very long weeks.
But at least they finally sorted it out. Thank you!


An unnecessary ordeal. I have not had any problems the whole time with Revolut but reports like yours make me nervous, there are far too many - I now limit my Revolut usage to only the simplest of transactions.

I suspect others are doing the same, so an increasing customer base using Revolut less and less due to incompetent and careless service. It is a great shame, it could have been so good.


DEGIRO does’nt support :r: it’s clearly indicated in DEGIRO ToS.


Your post is pointless and irrelevant!
And in case you haven’t realised, you keep posting the same excuses over and over again, Mirron. Do you work for Revolut??

Noone discusses here if DeGiro accepts Revolut or vice versa.

Fact is, if a WIRE goes WRONG, Revolut takes AGES - weeks or months - to find the funds and tons of complaints regarding missing wires have been raised here.


same problem… did u get this sorted?

Hello, sorry I forgot to reply.
I was a nightmare to get it sorted out - many messages back and forward - and I finally got the money bad.
Having a bank only by APP with no proper online banking (computer) contact is not a good idea at all - just do NOT use them for any big sums. no way!


Great for you… there are definitely any steps ahead of Revolut to be considered safe as main account.
… Especially not until “prepaid debit cards” turns into actual bank account attached debit cards that are safe and insured by the law.

It seems customers should be very wary of revolut’s handling of such cases. My misdirected funds (around £650) have ended up in the very same Revolut holding account (200353 73152596) at Barclays Bank yet their chat support have been incoherent in their responses have refused to credit my Revolut balance and even denied all knowledge of this account despite me providing full details and confirmed transaction ID which the sender helpfully gave me.

In my case the error was initially mine as I accidentally gave my old Revolut GBP account details for a payment I was getting back in July. I realised the mistake quickly but Revolut made the situation far worse by showing no interest in helping correctly allocate the funds manually.

It’s looks like Revolut policy is to obstruct resolution of such cases or at best neglect to have an adequate procedure in place to help their customers - probably in the expectation that most will just give up from exhaustion, conveniently leaving Revolut in possession of the funds! Definitely not the kind of assistance one would hope for from a respectable financial entity trying to establish its reputation and trustworthiness.


In uw bijgevoegde overzicht lees ik dat u Nederlands bent. Ik heb precies hetzelfde probleem als u, maar de agenten van de Revolut app willen aan mij niet toegeven dat het hun account is.

Hoe heeft u dit uiteindelijk voor elkaar gekregen? Via het klacht formulier dat ze sturen of via de managers? Ik blijf het intussen met ze proberen, maar ik krijg telkens alleen te horen dat ze niets ontvangen hebben en ik het bij de zender moet zoeken.

(De zender stuurt me op hun beurt terug naar de ontvanger, van wie ik via uw post begrijp dat dat Revolut is.)

Dank u wel!


Did you manage to get your money back eventually?

I have the same issue. My old tenancy deposit refund has been transferred to this account at Barclays, and although I kept referring to this community post, the agents and then the managers keep telling me it wasn’t one of Revolut’s intermediary accounts.

Any advice on how to proceed? Maybe I should try to somehow verify with Barclays that this account is indeed used by Revolut?