incoming SEPA transfers?

Hi Does the Revolut Standard card allow incoming SEPA transfers from a European account? What are the fees? Thanks!

You can only do SEPA transfers in from a bank account in your own name, not from third parties. There is no fee for receiving a SEPA transfer.

ok thanks. is there any plan to accept 3rd party sepa transfers ?

They will once unique account numbers become available for everyone! :wink:

Apparently they’re working on personal IBANs for everyone. In the meantime, you have to use a third-party solution like Paysera. If you have a fully verified Paysera account, it gives you a personal IBAN in your own name with fee-free SEPA transfers (effectively a Euro bank account). If (and only if) the Paysera and Revolut account are in exactly the same name, you should be able to transfer Euros into Revolut from Paysera.

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ok great thanks dude :slight_smile: