Incoming payment references messed up


I am experiencing a big problem with references (Revolut calls them “comments”) attached to incoming payments. Sometimes they are human readable and sometimes they are not. I have reported this issue to the people on the chat support but I’m not getting a “can do” response. What is more annoying is that sometimes the comment is human readable and sometimes it is not. It seems as if Revolut software is not decoding the incoming reference correctly sometimes. But this is substandard. I am posting this issue here as I seem to get better responses here. Does anyone else have this experience? Here are a few examples with random X’s put in place to hide exact values of the comments:
/ROC/000000FT17XXXXGSDB///RFB/Expen / ses20121010
/ROC/000000FT17XXXXX4L8///RFB/Inter / nal Transfer
Anyone else seeing comments screwed up?
Please can someone in Revolut go over to the developers and tell them to fix this for future and retrospectively?
Thanks, Daniel


References or comments displayed correct every time.
Most annoying is the fact the IBAN from the sender is not visable.


Hi @dahacouk

Thanks for this. Unfortunately it’s a known problem which is caused by the fact that we receive payment messages in non-standard forms depending upon where the payment has come from.

We’re working to clean these up so they make more sense - this will be an ongoing project to improve them. Thanks for your patience with this.



Hi @JamesRevolut. So, perhaps having a translator/filter template for each source would help. But I am concerned that the filter is not applied retrospectively for all historical transactions as I have noticed. Can you backdate the filters or at least allow manual updating? And also allow us to report messes in the interface – like next to the reference. By the way, thanks for your reply, you seem to know much more than people in the support chat pop-up.


No problem @dahacouk. Thanks for the suggestion - we are going to be looking into implementing this in the next week or two as it’s a good cleanup task!



Please also ad the senders IBAN to the transaction details @JamesRevolut


Yes, agreed, incoming IBAN numbers too. I didn’t realise that these had been removed. Please add them back!