Include Limit Order app function

At the moment, the execution strategy for an FX conversion is based entirely on immediate rates.

A limit order feature would greatly enhance the user-experience, especially for those who have short-term views about currency movements.

It should be availed to Premium users. This strengthens the value proposition of the premium subscription and helps drive revenues as well.

I suggest more effort gets invested in this direction rather than just gunning for the peripherals - insurance, etc.


A reminder requires you to monitor the ‘reminder’. A limit order will execute automatically when the trade is eligible. It enhances exchange executions more effectively.


I think if you’re looking to trade FX, a broker would be more suitable for this sort of activity (e.g. IB.).

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Excellent idea! up voting it :wink:

I’ve lost a few hours in the months since I went Pro, responding to a notification only to find the currency has moved again and i’ve missed my target. Totally agree a limit order would be a fantastic feature. I’d be more actively exchanging currency and especially the more volatile crypto markets. I believe automation here would drive trade volumes and therefore revenues up, as previously mentioned.