Include info how much money left on account in push notification

Today I noticed that revolut started to send push notifications where they inform you how much in total did you spent today (along with last purchase info). I would rather prefer push notification which informs me how much I have left on revolut account (after last purchase), not how much I spent today in total so far.

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I totally agree. I have proposed this previously, it would be extremely useful.


I like the idea to decide for myself on what’s displayed. If someone is looking over my shoulder or sees my watch I’d personally like to give none of the above info. :man_shrugging:t3:


Now that you mention that, my Portuguese bank has the option to login in “anonymous mode”. Basically it will only allow me to do any normal operation in the app but without ever showing any balance. Great when you are with friends or in a crowd. Would love to see it here as well.


Hi moon how do i enable this feature